How To Get People To See Your YouTube Content

How To Get People To See Your YouTube Content

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From videos of kittens to instructions on how to change a tire, YouTube has thousands of ways to entertain and educate. YouTube is a video streaming and sharing website that has become the place to look for everything from News to DIY projects. With video on the rise, YouTube is a great place to share your content! But how do you get people to actually see your content? Is it a magic spell or luck? Nope! The answer is much simpler.
So, how do you get more views?
            There are proven steps that lead directly to a higher Google Rank on YouTube videos. This ranking system is how Google judges the quality of your content. The better the content, the higher the ranking. The reason it matters is because the higher the video ranks, the more likely your video is to be at the top of the Google search page. If your content is easier to find then more people can see it.
How to get a higher rank on Google
Choosing a Title
            When your video is made and you’re ready to post, take a second to check out some online tools that are available. A great example is Google Keyword Planner. You can type in words and titles to see how often they are searched for and how much competition the title would have. The best title will have a high number of searches and low competition. Google suggests related searches for the words, and you can use these to help you craft the perfect title.
Description Format
            The Description will hold most of the words Google will be looking for to help you rank. So, make sure your description is thoughtful and meaningful. Use the first line to promote who you are and where they can find more information. Ex: Visit www.abcdealer.com for more vehicles! The second line should focus on what’s going on in the video. After those two lines, write about your company, the reason you made the video, the awards the vehicles has, basically anything that would interest people.
Transcribing your Audio
            This sounds a little strange, but Google deals with words not images, that means if you don’t tell Google what’s in your video it will have no idea. This helps with ranking, but it also gives you the control over the subtitles. Subtitles can be turned on or off by people, so transcribing your video allows you to make sure the subtitles are accurate.
Creating a Thumbnail Image
            The thumbnail image is what Google and YouTube show as a sample of your video. The better the image, the more likely people will click on your video. You only get seconds to impress viewers so use an image that grabs attention. YouTube gives three default thumbnails to choose from that come directly from the video. These three images could come from any part of the video and may be dark or blurry, but there is hope. YouTube has a way to upload custom thumbnails. Remember to make the image eye catching and relevant.
Cross Promotion
            Facebook is the king of social media, and last year they reported billions of YouTube views through links on pages and profiles. Who doesn’t watch a video that a friend said was interesting? Share the video on your Facebook Business Page, and even your personal page, to get the video to your audience. Make sure to link your YouTube to your website too, this will give potential customers a way to see your company culture and become connected with your brand.
Be Consistent
            YouTube is social media, so be social! Staying responsive to your audience and uploading consistent content is how to grow a following. Try choosing a specific time like a certain day of the week and time to post content. For example, you could post a video every Tuesday at 5pm. This will give your viewers something to look forward to when watching your videos, and keep them coming back for more. Make sure to reply to messages and comments you get also! Replying to people shows that there’s a living breathing person behind the profile and will make your audience feel connected to you.
Use these steps for your videos and see how far you can take your YouTube account. It’s no magic wand, but it’s pretty close!
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